From Body Wisdom to Paint

Today, I share with you the two paintings I created following the meditations I did last week around discernment of ministry.  When I meditate on a subject, discerning the wisdom of my body, I like to further embody that wisdom as I do my art making.

Recalling from last week, I continue discerning two possibilities for ministry or work in the near future.  The meditation on the first offering brought up feelings of opening and warmth in my chest, with deep, full breath.  As I prepared my canvas and paints, I called to mind these feelings in my body, tried to sense those feelings again in my chest. I stood before the canvas until an image arose from these feelings.  And then I began to paint.  As I moved the paint on the canvas, I went from sensation to image and paint and back again, always checking in with my body. I felt joy and animation as I did this painting.

I see in this painting a lot of depth and life and openness, leading to more possibilities for the future.

The second meditation on ministry possibility brought up a feeling of lightness and opening in my gut area.  Again, I prepared my canvas and paints.  I recalled the feelings in my gut area and tried to sense into my body that feeling.  I waited for an image to come from the sensations.  The image began with a point of red in the center with deep colors underneath and lightness above.  I started with this image and then expanded the paint on the canvas. I felt calm and purposeful as I did this painting.

I see in this painting stillness and grounding, stability and present moment.

Now I have gathered more information for myself in my discernment through these paintings. I continue to pray with the future, to feel the sensations in my body, consult with friends and mentors, and pray some more. I am glad I will not be rushed to decide. Perhaps more paintings will come as I continue discerning.

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