Expressing Our Wisdom

During this time of 2020, there have been many programs offered online to help us navigate the experiences, the changes in our lives.  I hope you have been able to find support in the ways you have needed this year.  I have participated in several webinars on different topics, Anti-Racism, Spirituality, Chaos Theory, Embracing Anxiety, and Art. I have been gratified to find that many programs now lead us into the wisdom of the body. The embodiment process is well integrated into how I understand and do my art making.

Today I invite you into a meditation with me, to find wisdom or a creative impulse in your body.  Then I encourage you to make some expression with the image or information. You will need a quiet space where you can relax, sit in a comfortable chair, and not be disturb for about 15 minutes. You may also want to have a journal and pen, or art materials available to use after the meditation.  Press play on the audio below:

Meditation is a daily practice for me, as part of my spirituality and my artmaking. It helps me to stay connected to myself, to my God, and to my community. And my artmaking comes out of that connection as my expression. Expression is so important to our sense of identity and grounding in ourself.   My meditation can take many forms, this is just one of them.

If embodiment process is new to you, I would suggest you try it with a friend or supportive person near by. Sometimes, we get in touch with things that we need help in holding.

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