Whispers of Light

As we approach the Winter Solstice, the darkness becomes a resting place, an invitation to look inward. Advent in the Christian tradition is about waiting with hope.

Here where I am, in New York, the sun begins to fade at 4:30pm, by 5pm the windows have turned dark, and I need a light on to see my way inside. The darkness beckons me to sit quietly, go deep within myself. Is there something I am hoping for, something lacking or absent that needs to be fulfilled?  I burrow into the darkness, looking for a sign, a glimmer of light.

I find not a void in the darkness, but a fullness of desire.  Peace longed for, Love to be proclaimed, Joy to be shouted, all glimmering lights in the depth of my being.  Each desire, great or small, is a treasure for me.  They are whispers of light, God’s most intimate way of calling me forth.  In the darkness, I abide with the desires and begin to fan the flickers that will, at their  appointed time, shine brightly and dispel the darkness. I am full of hope.

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