All Things are Passing

As I sit down to my reflection this week, I am learning of new restrictions within my living situation.  In a compound with over 200 residents and a large number of employees that come in everyday, we are being guarded in our protection from the pandemic. We are prudent to take such measures.  Nevertheless, the news adds to the disquiet carrying the tenor of the week. For myself, I am as disheartened by the political divide as I am by the astonishing record numbers of deaths per day in the US.

The message I carry forward as we move beyond the Christmas season is Emmanuel, God is with us.  God is with all of us as we wake each day to be surprised or bewildered again.  And God is with all of us as we close each day, whether we are indignant or gratified in our experiences.

Now is the time I recommit myself to my daily meditations, to my daily art practice.  I recommit myself to those acts that take me to my inner self, take me to God. God is present to us, but I must do my part to put myself in God’s presence, to be aware of the Divine. 

I take great strength in my namesake’s words, St. Teresa of Avila, “All things are passing, God is unchanging.” 

One thought on “All Things are Passing

  1. Teresa, this is beautiful and true. Thank you! Your faithfulness to your process is a grace for me, for all of us. It inspires my own faithfulness to mine.


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