The Grounding

Yesterday was the feast of St. Catherine of Sienna.  I recently came upon a quote of hers, “The deepest me is God.”  I found this an unequivocal way of saying at the very core of our essence is the Creator.  The more I know myself, the more I come to know God.  It is an infinite journey within, seemingly knowing there is always more to know. It was from this place of unknowing that I began a painting last week.

My canvas has been prepared and hanging for almost a month.  Just last week, I felt the provocation to sit before the empty canvas and meditate.  From the meditation arose a clear image of what to lay out on the canvas. At the same time, I understood that this was only the first layer of the painting, the grounding.  More would be revealed later.  I was being invited to a deeper process of creation; one I will follow as I feel called from within.

I think of the grounding layer as the place I begin, my aloneness.  It is the quiet from where comes my voice.  This is the place I return, where I can meet once again myself, after having engaged the world in my varied endeavors. I wait here, listening.  What will emerge?

One thought on “The Grounding

  1. Teresa, I love what you wrote! And I resonate completely with it, and with this stage of your painting: “The Grounding,” as well. Thank you very much for attending to and honoring your Grounding, and for your insight that the deepest YOU is God and that the more you know yourself, the more you come to know God.


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