The Veil

Gazing again upon the painting, waiting, listening within . . . I sense the veil.  I produce this veil in the image by painting a glaze over the painting in two colors. I can clearly see the painting below the glaze, yet the glaze obscures something of the image. 

This veil is a thin transparent layer, hiding something, revealing something.  Often, in doing my inner work, looking at myself, I have an obscured understanding or image.  A veil covers a part of me I want to know more clearly.  This veil can seem like a hindrance or barrier and discourage me from doing the hard work.  But I choose to see the veil as an invitation, a bidding to look more closely.  Inner work is just that, work. It takes effort and commitment to stay in the process of learning more about myself. 

In the coming week I will contemplate this veil that has emerged in the painting. To what am I being invited? What in myself is bidding me to look deeper?

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