In the Process . . .

I was looking at my painting today, with the glaze of blue and red. I was reminded of the time my retina tore and detached.  I had veiled vision, both before the operation and after.  As the retina tore, the vision from the lower part of my eye was obscured and the dark image slowly rose higher.  Once the operation to repair my retina was over, I saw dimly through the bubble of gas that was put inside my eye to keep the retina in place until it healed.  The bubble dissipated about 3 weeks later.

As I continue to use this painting as a self-discovery process, I contemplate the veil. My work is to move past the veil, or remove it altogether, and to know which is most appropriate for me. I may need the veil in place as a form of protection or support, knowing I can move beyond it when necessary.  Or I may need to remove the veil as a cleansing or revelatory step in my process.  Perhaps the veil is an aesthetic comfort, or yet still an ascetic form of containment.

Materially, in the painting, the veil/glaze cannot be removed. I intend to work with this painting, seeing what elements to bring forward from behind the glaze.  Also, as I continue to contemplate what is being called forth, I will discover what elements I will add on top of the glaze. I stay in the process, working and discovering, always in conversation with my inner self and what wants to be revealed.

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