My Right Eye

This week, I followed my own direction through the meditation exercise I posted last week. I sat and grounded myself, scanned my body for awareness and sensation, then waited for any part of my body to draw my attention with its wisdom.  The part that drew my attention was my right eye.  I placed myContinue reading “My Right Eye”

Expressing Our Wisdom

During this time of 2020, there have been many programs offered online to help us navigate the experiences, the changes in our lives.  I hope you have been able to find support in the ways you have needed this year.  I have participated in several webinars on different topics, Anti-Racism, Spirituality, Chaos Theory, Embracing Anxiety,Continue reading “Expressing Our Wisdom”

Re-ordering the Disorder

I am really feeling these days all the things that at have come upon us this year 2020. My life, like most everyone’s, has been disrupted and surely will never return to what it was in January.  It is not the first disorder I have lived through; I am well practiced at that.  I haveContinue reading “Re-ordering the Disorder”

From Body Wisdom to Paint

Today, I share with you the two paintings I created following the meditations I did last week around discernment of ministry.  When I meditate on a subject, discerning the wisdom of my body, I like to further embody that wisdom as I do my art making. Recalling from last week, I continue discerning two possibilitiesContinue reading “From Body Wisdom to Paint”

The Wisdom of the Body

Everyday life gives us opportunities to come to a deeper understanding of ourselves.  If we stay alert, awake to the inner impulses of our body, we can follow the wisdom with which our body responds to our daily encounters.  In whatever way we respond initially to a meeting or request, we can check in againContinue reading “The Wisdom of the Body”

My Spirituality is My Art

As part of our work in Kenya, my community and I designed and started a program we called Conversations for Social Change.  It is a small group process that invites people into conversation with each other.  We have four principles for the program: Diversity, Service, Nonviolent Change, and Spirituality.  In our program, we have hadContinue reading “My Spirituality is My Art”

From Portrait to Abstract

In last week’s blog, I spoke of how drawing portraits and connecting with the subject released the creative impulse – – Connecting with others, creating relationships, leads us back to ourselves, leads us deeper into the knowing of ourselves. That deeper knowing of ourselves is our spiritual being. And with that knowing, the creative impulseContinue reading “From Portrait to Abstract”