The Ground Within

If you have browsed through my website, you perhaps saw the page of portraits.  They are charcoal on paper, 11’’x14”, and done during a live sitting, all people I know. Today I am sharing with you my motivation for doing portraits and why drawing portraits always takes me to a deeper connection with myself. Let’sContinue reading “The Ground Within”

A Deeper Embodiment

In last week’s post, I shared with you a process for embodiment.  It is a process I use to find the impulse within my body that informs my art making. It is also a process that leads me to a deeper sense of self connection and understanding, to new self-discovery. Today, I would like toContinue reading “A Deeper Embodiment”


Today I would like to share with you an experience of embodiment, feeling a body sensation, communicating with it, asking the sensation for direction or wisdom.  I have adapted this process of embodiment from the book, Natural Intelligence, Body-Mind Integration and Human Development, by Susan Aposhyan.  I was directed to this book by a friendContinue reading “Embodiment”

Embodying Art and Spirituality

My name is Teresa Hougnon. I am a visual artist, a self-discovery practitioner,  a Maryknoll Sister (a Catholic nun), and a social healing facilitator.  Those are just a few of my hats.  But the first two are relevant to the journey I am inviting you to take with me through these pages. A few yearsContinue reading “Embodying Art and Spirituality”