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an Embodied Experience


Looking for revelation in the painting,  I focus on a couple areas that have drawn my attention.  The first area is around the black dot in the upper left quadrant.  There is a burst of lighter color around the dark orb which forms and intriguing pattern as it moves out from dark.  The lightness dissipatesContinue reading “Revelations”

In the Process . . .

I was looking at my painting today, with the glaze of blue and red. I was reminded of the time my retina tore and detached.  I had veiled vision, both before the operation and after.  As the retina tore, the vision from the lower part of my eye was obscured and the dark image slowlyContinue reading “In the Process . . .”

The Veil

Gazing again upon the painting, waiting, listening within . . . I sense the veil.  I produce this veil in the image by painting a glaze over the painting in two colors. I can clearly see the painting below the glaze, yet the glaze obscures something of the image.  This veil is a thin transparentContinue reading “The Veil”


Self-discovery is a lifelong process.  There are many avenues that lead us to the inner space where we can find ourselves, our shadows, our talents, our passions, and griefs. Artmaking is the way I often seek to find myself. I returned to my painting this week.  I sat in front of the canvas to meditate. Continue reading “Conversing”

The Grounding

Yesterday was the feast of St. Catherine of Sienna.  I recently came upon a quote of hers, “The deepest me is God.”  I found this an unequivocal way of saying at the very core of our essence is the Creator.  The more I know myself, the more I come to know God.  It is anContinue reading “The Grounding”

Response . . .

O Comforter, my strength! Let me make amends and start anew; Let me grow in wisdom and understanding. Psalm 59, Psalms for Praying: An Invitation to Wholeness, Nan C. Merrill This verse of Psalm 59 has been with me all week as I have contemplated these words. I have had ample opportunity to grow inContinue reading “Response . . .”

With Steadfast Love

As I read Psalm 59 each day I am mindful of God’s constant presence and support which has many manifestations and faces.  In Nan C. Merrill’s translation of what is Verse 10 and 11, the psalmist says, “You stand with me” and “teach me to let go of my fears.”  I think of the manyContinue reading “With Steadfast Love”

A New Day

As I continue to reflect on Psalm 59, I am mindful of the daily opportunity I have to start anew.  With each sunrise, I can leave yesterday’s mistakes, fears and failings behind me.  Of course, my tendency is to carry everything forward, remembering what that person said, or how I lost out on an opportunity. Continue reading “A New Day”


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