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The Power of Art

A few days ago, it came to my mind that this doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving holiday for me.  And then I immediately asked myself,  “What do I think Thanksgiving should feel like?”  The things that come to mind for me are family, big dinners, good food, happy celebrations of gratitude for what has come toContinue reading “The Power of Art”

Move That Body

When one day seems to be like the one before, and the one before that, and there is no end in sight, . . . I turn to Rumi, a 13th Century poet, for advice . . . “Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle ofContinue reading “Move That Body”

Be Still, and Know. . .

Lately, I have been thinking of Psalm 46, even before it showed up on Monday in my daily readings.  It is a powerful psalm of God’s abiding presence and protection.  We need not fear . . .    It has been an encouraging meditation for me during these days of uncertainty and exhaustion.  As I prayedContinue reading “Be Still, and Know. . .”

Our Common Humanity

I’ve been reflecting on the events of the week. So many different emotions, but one persistent truth. . . we are all in this together. I was living in Kenya in 2007 as the Kenyan people prepared for elections in December.  There was a great energy of expectant “change.”  Then when the votes were almostContinue reading “Our Common Humanity”

Water Fall

I created this painting as a reflection on multiple perspectives. I had recently reflected on an experience, and I remembered it in two very different ways. Both memories were true for me, but they brought up different feelings and thoughts. Being able to hold both memories or thoughts at the same time gave me aContinue reading “Water Fall”

My Right Eye

This week, I followed my own direction through the meditation exercise I posted last week. I sat and grounded myself, scanned my body for awareness and sensation, then waited for any part of my body to draw my attention with its wisdom.  The part that drew my attention was my right eye.  I placed myContinue reading “My Right Eye”

Expressing Our Wisdom

During this time of 2020, there have been many programs offered online to help us navigate the experiences, the changes in our lives.  I hope you have been able to find support in the ways you have needed this year.  I have participated in several webinars on different topics, Anti-Racism, Spirituality, Chaos Theory, Embracing Anxiety,Continue reading “Expressing Our Wisdom”

A Promise . . .

. . . I feel in my body the need to move the heaviness with paint on canvas . . . I will sit with feelings, the heaviness. Then I will move the paint on canvas as the impulses in my body guide me.  This painting began with the heaviness, the darker colors, mostly darkContinue reading “A Promise . . .”

Re-ordering the Disorder

I am really feeling these days all the things that at have come upon us this year 2020. My life, like most everyone’s, has been disrupted and surely will never return to what it was in January.  It is not the first disorder I have lived through; I am well practiced at that.  I haveContinue reading “Re-ordering the Disorder”


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