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Response . . .

O Comforter, my strength! Let me make amends and start anew; Let me grow in wisdom and understanding. Psalm 59, Psalms for Praying: An Invitation to Wholeness, Nan C. Merrill This verse of Psalm 59 has been with me all week as I have contemplated these words. I have had ample opportunity to grow inContinue reading “Response . . .”

With Steadfast Love

As I read Psalm 59 each day I am mindful of God’s constant presence and support which has many manifestations and faces.  In Nan C. Merrill’s translation of what is Verse 10 and 11, the psalmist says, “You stand with me” and “teach me to let go of my fears.”  I think of the manyContinue reading “With Steadfast Love”

A New Day

As I continue to reflect on Psalm 59, I am mindful of the daily opportunity I have to start anew.  With each sunrise, I can leave yesterday’s mistakes, fears and failings behind me.  Of course, my tendency is to carry everything forward, remembering what that person said, or how I lost out on an opportunity. Continue reading “A New Day”

A Visual Reflection

Oh Mender of broken hearts, create a new heart within me. Psalm 59, Psalms for Praying: An Invitation to Wholeness, Nan C. Merrill


I begin my contemplation of Psalm 59 not with the beautiful opening I shared last week, but the second stanza which calls for an honest look at self.  Forgiveness is a process of inner healing, for both the one asking forgiveness and the one being asked. Ultimately, for me, forgiveness is a gift from God.Continue reading “Self-knowing”

CORRECTION:  This is a correction of my post, “Contemplation”, Feb 5, 2021. In the fourth sentence I wrote “The Book of Psalms in the Torah or the Old Testament,”  The Books of Psalms is part of the Hebrew Bible, called the Writings or the Ketuvim, in Hebrew.  The Torah is also part of the HebrewContinue reading


My birthday passed last week, always a time for celebration and reflection.  I have a tradition of reading the psalm of my age every year, so this year is Psalm 59.  I acquired this tradition on my 30th birthday from a dear friend, Sister Elaine Roulet, CSJ.  The Book of Psalms in the Torah orContinue reading “Contemplation”


One thing I know about myself is that I am much more passionate about painting than drawing.  I do like to draw, but I really drop into the process of painting as I am doing it. All my focus is on moving the paint, finding the image as it emerges.  The focus is off ofContinue reading “Mystery”


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