My Right Eye

This week, I followed my own direction through the meditation exercise I posted last week. I sat and grounded myself, scanned my body for awareness and sensation, then waited for any part of my body to draw my attention with its wisdom.  The part that drew my attention was my right eye.  I placed myContinue reading “My Right Eye”

The Ground Within

If you have browsed through my website, you perhaps saw the page of portraits.  They are charcoal on paper, 11’’x14”, and done during a live sitting, all people I know. Today I am sharing with you my motivation for doing portraits and why drawing portraits always takes me to a deeper connection with myself. Let’sContinue reading “The Ground Within”

A Deeper Embodiment

In last week’s post, I shared with you a process for embodiment.  It is a process I use to find the impulse within my body that informs my art making. It is also a process that leads me to a deeper sense of self connection and understanding, to new self-discovery. Today, I would like toContinue reading “A Deeper Embodiment”